Designed to convey maximum comfort, durability, and stability, the Float collection fits every model with a two-tone high density sole. The upper part of the sole features ball pads that provide greater shock-absorption, while the lower part instead has a system of channels that ensures maximum flexibility. Thus, wearing Float system shoes allows for an experience of maximum comfort and stability.

Founded in 1984 in Franca, one of the main footwear manufacturing districts in Brazil, Ferracini is synonymous with comfortable footwear characterised by a modern style in line with the latest fashion trends. Constant investments in the quality of workers’ lives has allowed Ferracini to acquire a highly competent workforce with high standards. This, together with its use of the very best materials on the market, and constant research onto striking designs and technological solutions, has permitted Ferracini to increase the quality of its products over time.

Today, in addition to the high standing of Ferracini footwear on the Brazilian market, the brand’s shoes are distributed to over 40 different destinations worldwide, with its main markets including those of the USA and Europe.