Since it first debuted in the world of footwear, Stinaa.J has set itself the goal of overturning the belief that fashion must be sacrificed at the cost of comfort. It accordingly met up with leading European orthopaedic experts in search of a solution that could guarantee the creation of attractive footwear that was above all oriented towards well-being.
Thus, by combining thirty years of experience and an extensive set of data taken from hundreds of thousands of 3D scanned feet, and thanks to the use of a cushioning material invented by NASA, it has given life to a line of shoes that perfectly replies to these needs.
Stinaa.J footwear is characterised by a timeless elegance and are absolutely comfortable, thanks to an orthopaedic solution that removes pressure, while providing support and structure, with the aim of preventing pain and injuries. How does the system work? It’s based on a memory foam that offers three different points of shock-absorption: under the heel, the sole of the foot, and the toes. A system that conveys stability and lightness, ensuring that those who wear Stinaa.J footwear have a correct posture with a reduced risk of injury. All this is without having to forego a stylish look.
Elegant and evergreen, the design of Stinaa.J footwear emanates an aura of luxury. The shape is classic, but the choice in materials and colours is contemporary and trendy, with the intent of highlighting femininity. Beautiful and high quality, Stinaa.J shoes are made by master artisans in Italy and Portugal. Every model is handcrafted, undergoing a number of different steps and meticulous quality controls in production in order to guarantee a product of exceptional quality.