A unique platform in Asia for sourcing fashion accessories like bags, footwear, luggage, leather items and fashion accessories, but also for finding reliable partners for outsourcing the creation of high quality fashion collections. Fashion Access is all td1ft_0088his and more: it is the place where boutiques, retailers, wholesalers and distributors, along with department stores, meet up with brands and producers, to find inspiration for their purchases or develop ad hoc designs for the coming seasons.

Fashion Access is also the perfect place for networking, and researching fashion trends and information, thanks to the organisation of a specific programme of workshops and seminars dedicated to different sector themes. Among these, especially important is the Global Footwear Executive Summit organised in conjunction with the show by APd3p_0216LF and FDRA Distributors and Retailers of America, which will be held on the day preceding the opening of the fair, with the intent of encouraging a direct confrontation among all the protagonists of the global supply chain of footwear.

Completing the offer of Fashion Access is also the special Cashmere World, a fair-in-a-fair that is one-of-a-kind worldwide, proposing the entire supply chain of cashmere, from the raw product to the yarn and finished fashion product as its protagonists. In this context, producers from China, Mongolia, Nepal, India, and Pakistan exhibit: a selection that will be sure to highlight the unique characteristics of this exquisite yarn, which is one of the most beloved of luxury fashion. At the same time, it will be possible to learn about the many different facets of cashmere, in terms of fashion trends, applied technological innovation, and yarn and fashion accessories…