The manufacturers are there. The buyers are there. The international trade associations are there. The industry experts are there. All the ingredients are there to make Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags an event of international caliber dedicated not only to establishing profitable business relationships between buyers of footwear and leather goods and the manufacturers offering the most interesting new products for the upcoming fall/winter 2023/24 or reassortments for the summer season.

The event, which will be held from January 14-17, 2023 in Riva del Garda, also aims to be a must-attend event for all those who want to delve into crucial issues to know and better face the sector challenges of the present and future.

Very targeted are the themes selected by the organizers and the Scientific Committee of the fair, which have identified the situation of markets, sustainability and innovation dedicated to the retail world as the crucial junctures on which to focus attention.



Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags has always been characterized by a very strong international personality. Both the product offerings and the provenance of the buyers involve industry players from all over the world.

It is therefore natural that in this context, some major markets as well as some lesser-known marketplaces are explored and studied.

Market Focuses in January 2023 will center on the DACH area, the main German-speaking European countries, Latin America (Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay), India, South East Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore) and the USA.



One of the missions that Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags has given itself is to act as an aggregator and facilitator of a pathway for the international footwear and leather goods industry to become increasingly attentive and proactive toward sustainability issues. The fair's Scientific Committee has identified the theme of traceability as the fundamental pivot on which every sustainability topic should hinge.

Two events are scheduled:


– Transparency in the fashion and footwear supply chain: what's next?

Sustainability issues in fashion and footwear are increasingly at the center of attention of governments, businesses and consumers, and are increasingly merging into a logic of transparency between producer and consumer about the raw materials and processes used. This necessarily imposes a supply chain logic. But what does the near future hold for us? What strategies are companies planning for the coming years? Through the opinions of experts and companies in the sector, the workshop will be an opportunity to take stock of what has been done so far and what the challenges are for the next three years.


– The future is now: the challenge of new European regulations on sustainability and traceability

For quite some time, sustainability has been talked about with verbs in the future tense. Today, new regulations in some major European countries (Germany in particular) force us to talk about it in the present tense. What changes for fashion and footwear companies with the implementation of the new regulations? What are the requirements for companies that want to continue to be present in these markets? Through a description of how competitive rules are changing in some major European markets, the workshop will take stock of what the costs and tools are for companies to adapt to the new requirements.



The third edition of Innovation Village Retail will feature 10 new startups at the Riva event that offer solutions and services designed to renew or even revolutionize the retail world. A unique opportunity for buyers to not only invest in new collections, but also explore new ideas for their business.

They will be able to learn about the proposals of innovative startups both during the Startup Competition, the competition that will decree the most innovative startup, and during the 3 workshops dedicated to them, the Innovation Village Input:

– Reinventing the Customer Experience

– Reinventing Operations and Reducing Impact

– Disruptive Business Models in Footwear



One cannot live by work alone. So, Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags has thought of offering a special experience capable of granting a pleasant diversion to its guests, while still within the framework of a professional context. Wine & Shoes, a tasting of local wines led by a renowned sommelier capable of tickling the taste buds of guests and at the same time offering a curious hook with the trendiest styles of shoes and bags.