The Just-In-Case collection offers footwear that can “build” a new masculine image

The Beatles and Elvis Presley wore them in the Sixties, the Bee Gees and John Travolta flaunted them in the Eighties but the fashion for men’s shoes with high heels has never actually gone out of fashion, even if most prefer to follow it with a certain discretion. So now we find Just-In-Case, a brand of artisanal footwear born in Bangkok at the start of 2014, aimed at men who want to be at the height of their potential.

The first collection “New Normal” wants to define a fresh idea of shoes, that are “constructive“, “Creative” and “interchangeable“.

In order words they can “build up”  a new masculine image  thanks to innovative midsoles which  add 7.5 centimetres and soles the problem of height. “Creative” because the models are not sold by the pair but in threes. Each carries a different black and white band of diverse geometric designs which give the shoe a distinctive character. Then, Just-In-Case footwear is “interchangeable” as the three shoes can be combined according to the mood of the wearer to obtain two pairs of different looks. Pretty original, yes?