Lulu Addis is a small chain of stores (four stores) locations) based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, specializing in casual and trendy women's clothing. A reality, the Ethiopian one, that may seem far away and instead is among the 'focus countries' of Expo Riva Schuh's overseas expansion program. To learn more about this country from a footwear and fashion market perspective, we met Selam Worku, of the Addis Ababa-based Lulu Addis chain of stores.

What is the current situation of the footwear market in Ethiopia?

"Ours is quite a big country, with more than 110 million people, and like many African states, it is a country of young people (the average age is 17 n.d.r.), so we are talking about a market with great potential."

What type of footwear is most in demand?

"The most sought-after women's footwear is that which is comfortable and convenient, but also stylish, as well as made of fine materials such as leather. The durability of footwear is also something that is given some attention. However, in our stores we offer various types of footwear: sporty, stylish, boots, sandals, seasonal footwear."

What type of product are you looking for at Expo Riva Schuh?

"We have been working with some Italian private label companies for several years and we are very satisfied. Italian footwear is the best in the world so being in Italy and at Expo Riva Schuh I think is an important opportunity to find quality and trendy products. Italy is 'the place to be'!"

What fashion trends you saw at the fair particularly struck you?

"Definitely the color! Next summer will be a very lively and colorful season, and at Expo Riva Schuh there were many brightly colored proposals that caught my interest."

This is your first time at the fair in Riva del Garda: What is your impression?

"The overall impression is very positive. I am happy to be here: Expo Riva Schuh is a truly international event, with companies from all over the world. It is very stimulating to learn about the proposals of companies from such a diverse international scenario."