Creations handmade by expert Italian craftsmen, which “fit” like a glove. Natural elegance, always combined with a comfortable cut and materials

Rita GrecoRita Greco was born in Modena and spent much of her childhood creating and designing dresses and shoes for fun. After earning a Law degree, she started working in the family’s manufacturing company managing the marketing.

The turning point came in 2007 when she decided to return to her first love: the most important accessory of all, shoes. She went to the United States and obtained a Master Degree in Artistic Floral Arrangements. She studied the beauty of nature in all its forms, her main source of inspiration.

Then she went to the Burgo Institute of Milan and took an intensive course on style. She learned how to give form to her creativity through design and created her first footwear collection in which classic lines made room for glimpses of fun and refined extravagance.

All her creations have a sophisticated, but never excessive, personality. The lines are clean and well defined, the details are discrete but notable for their perfection.

Next Winter will feature pumps, boots, studded shoes with tapered lines and stiletto heels, never exasperated. As wanted by the designer, the Rita Greco brand only appears inside the shoes because the woman is the undisputed star of her own style.