Atypical design, innovative use of fabrics and patchwork, these are the guiding principles of the brand new Spanish brand, Maison de Fous

Ghazi Abassi, of Tunisian origin, born in Spain and raised in France and Italy, has a past as a cool hunter. In 2010 he was commissioned to find the most avant-garde brand. He couldn’t find it in New York, Paris and Tokyo, so, on the flight back home he decided to make a change in his life and create the brand himself, a brand which made craziness its guiding spirit. After a year and a half of study and research, Maison de Fous was born, a collection of high quality footwear, with an unexpected design that used special fabrics in brand new combinations, enhanced by alternative and very attractive packaging. Ghazi Abassi says:

My aim is to create a brand that contrasts conventional thinking and calls people to wake up, to live their dreams, to escape from the ordinary and be crazy.

The new collection of the designer, who studied Fashion Design and Haute Couture at ESMOD and Design and Photography at IED, is called Bingo. Produced in collaboration with one of the most renowned Spanish shoemakers, who for 30 years has been making shoes for luxury brands, the collection is made with the finest certified leathers, textiles and shoe components and, above all, the unique and distinctive design is patented, therefore, it cannot be used or copied by other brands. The original Bingo Collection is characterised by careful attention to the smallest detail, as well as the ever-changing combinations of colour and materials that give life to a “trompe l’oeil” of sensations.

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