The 93rd edition of Micam once again set its sights on the future, innovation, and research in the fashion industry, with the return to the Show of the space dedicated to Emerging Designers. Participants included Alessandra Balbi, Ammabile, Daniel Essa, Jerelyn Creado, Markus Alexander, Meher Kakalia, Momoc, O.T.A. Paris, Skua Studio, Thread, Titi Adesa and Umoja.

The focus on research, meticulous selection of materials, original design, and presentation of the products are the main traits defining the creations of these rising stars in style, who were selected by a jury made up by experts of the calibre of Ernesto Esposito, Angelo Lanza, Eva Geraldine Fontanelli, Mauro Galligari, Maximilian Linz and Riccardo Slavik.

The style proposals of these young designers range from pop citations to throwbacks to more classic shapes, from unusual experimentations to the reinterpretations of past models, all the way up to the rediscovery of natural materials and study of extremely antique constructive techniques, which give life to proposals that surprise for their originality and sophistication. With a common thread: the drive towards sustainability. Thus, the values that will make up the world of fashion in the years to come emerge, and already today make their appearance with determination in the footwear community.