Transforming a commodity product into an exclusive object capable of making the difference in every look: this is the challenge taken on by the Italian brand, or rather Marches brand, which has made high quality workmanship, an original design, and creativity its very own mission and good fortune. Behind the success of Menghi Shoes, however, is the genius and entrepreneurial spirit of Emanuela Menghi, founder and administrator, who passed away this past 31 October after a very brief and devastating illness. Today, the world of footwear mourns her loss and remembers what a great businesswoman and sensitive and creative soul she was, with an eye always aimed towards the future. She was the one to create the company in the Eighties, understanding right from the start the potential of plastic materials, while pre-empting a trend that would see this material become the protagonist of fashion thanks to its flexibility, lightness and sustainability. By following her very own inspiration, with great passion and constant experimentation, Emanuela Menghi knew how to create a unique calling card for the ‘Emanuela Menghi’ and ‘Menghi’ collections, filling them with a wide variety of colours, sophisticated materials, and refined accessories like Swarovski crystals (of which the company has a certification for use), to create high fashion Made in Italy products: sandals, flip-flops, rain boots, as well as glam-chic pumps and bags in every shape and size, representing bona fide objects of desire for women.  Over the years, Emanuela Menghi capably surrounded herself with a highly qualified and close-knit team of professional individuals, whose creativity, unique approach, and quality design, allowed the brand to achieve important milestones of excellence in the footwear manufacturing industry. Today, the company she created in Loreto is structured in such a way as to be competitive and specialised in each stage of the production process through three companies: Menghi Shoes & Co Srl, the bona fide shoe production facility; Menghi Shoes Srl, dedicated to the assembly of components for different kinds of footwear; and Alemplast, which manages with high-tech machines the moulding of soles and uppers using a wide range of thermoplastic materials. Together with Alemplast, Menghi Shoes has a workforce of 300 employees, for a consolidated revenue of 70 million euros.  Emanuela Menghi was a trailblazer to today’s trends in the fashion market, who firmly believed in Made in Italy and who created a brand with passion and determination from the ground up, which today is known and appreciated on an international level, with a showroom in Milan and numerous collaborations with important Fashion Houses. Numerous projects are still pending development, with an eye always aimed to the future.