A brand that still manages to amaze us with its innate ability to cleverly mix typical elements of the past, such as the production in the Monte San Giusto factory to new processing techniques and materials with a contemporary flavour

Since its birth in 1936, two main elements have distinguished the Rondinella brand: the craftsmanship of the production and constant search for new aesthetics in the working of the materials and colours. In the year of its 80th anniversary, the Rondinella shoes represent the best of Made in Italy excellence, where quality and creativity are aimed at ensuring maximum comfort to those who wear them, creating a shoe designed specifically for children.

The 80th anniversary of Rondinella offers an amazing collection with impressive details, in particular the mythical tongues, always ready to renew themselves. The new collection for girls is enriched with glittery patent leather and splits printed with contrasting stars, chequered textures and precious effects that delight and intrigue, for an ever-more ultramodern shoe.

In the models with mirrored effect leather, Rondinella works with buffed black on the surface, which gives a magnetic brilliance to all the models, sometimes embellished by small accessories such as metal chains for ankle boots. More masculine are the details of metallic zips, combined with vegetable tanned leather. Characterised by buffed surface materials, the leather used creates shaded effects and comes in different shades of blue and brown.