Thirty models of bags and shoes that, thanks to original and unique variations, turn into more than 7000 unique pieces made by craftsmen with tens of thousands leather patches have just been presented.

This is the alchemy of Ebarrito, a brand born in Cremona in 2009 as a franchising project, relaunched in 2013 only for manufacturing, that has distinguished itself since its beginning for its sustainable approach to accessories: bags and shoes are made recycling and re-using natural leather’s scraps that are assembled in artisan laboratories in Tuscany and in the Marche region through patchwork processing. The authors of this original project are Alessandro and Gloria, partners in love and in business. after their fated meeting and a first period spent in Milan, Alessandro and Gloria moved to Castelleone, in the Cremona province, choosing an old farmhouse of the 18th century, with some stables and a little church, both as their home and headquarters. «The stylistic element that characterizes our products is patchwork», says Antonio Accurso, creative director of the firm, which has an elephant as a symbol of the brand. «There are no two pieces alike, each creation is entirely handmade, remnant after remnant, color after color. we start from the use of materials that are considered worthless to give life to unique pieces»