A return to the past, to when the brand’s founder Mario Giannini went to the British Shoe Manufacturer District to learn the art of handmade good year construction, to then mix it with the unmistakable taste and sartorial art of his territory, Montegranaro. The result of this merging is fully expressed in the FW 2020-21 collection characterised by a basic design, the use of exquisite raw materials, understated finishes and treatments, and textured matchings that in their innovation preserve long-time, elegant, and unmatchable expertise. Next to shades of brown, from leather to chocolate, the understated palette features green and black as its protagonists.
The Preppy Style inspires double and single monk straps, Chelsea boots, camp moccasins and horsebit loafers characteristic of the style typical of college uniforms. The palette is defined not so much by the tones, but by the manual workmanship of artisans that manipulate the colours, conveying roundness, liveliness and emotion to them. The resulting effect provides each pair of footwear with a personalised and timeless look.
The Alpine style, which is a ‘must’ in the cold season, opens itself up to experimentation with hybrid styles, as in the case of fabrics and leathers with waterproof treatments on walking boots, monkey boots, and monkey shoes. The Sankt Morritz model next to leather proposes sheepskin appliqués and original Trentino wool expressed in macro checks in the tones of grey, dark green, and camel and blue check.
All black, the Inc trend is the part of the collection that experiments with matchings of innovative volumes. Extralight rubber outsoles, inserts and technical details like rubberised and tech fabrics, but on classic models like derby and brogue shoes, confirm the need to return to the warmth of tradition.
Finally, the Academy style looks to the panorama of sportswear and combines it with the aesthetic dictates of gentlemen. The iconic Kobe and Andrew sneakers are interpreted with polishing and antiquing treatments typical of models that are more formal. The Flighter, which marks the new course of the brand, has asymmetric, yet soft, volumes, and an exquisite upper that plays around with the contrasting textures of sporty calfskins, washed suedes, and technical fabrics, alongside an extralight outsole with a matte and coarse look.

Lo stile Alpino, immancabile nella stagione fredda, si apre a sperimentazioni di stili ibridi, come nel caso di tessuti e pellami con trattamenti waterproof su pedule, monkey boot e monkey shoe. Il modello Sankt Morritz accanto al cuoio propone applicazioni di montone e lana originale del Trentino declinato in un macro check nelle tonalità del grigio, verdone, check cammello e blu.

All black, il trend Inc è la parte della collezione che sperimenta accostamenti di volumi innovativi. Fondi gomma extralight, inserti e dettagli tecnici come tessuti gommati e tech, ma su modelli classici come derby e brogue a conferma dell’esigenza di tornare al calore della tradizione.

Infine, lo stile Academy guarda al panorama sportswear per sposarlo ai canoni estetici del gentleman. Le sneaker iconiche Kobe e Andrew sono interpretate con trattamenti di lucidatura e anticatura tipici dei modelli più formali. La Flighter, che segna il nuovo corso del brand, ha volumi asimmetrici ma morbidi, tomaia preziosa che gioca sui contrasti materici di vitelli sportivi, camosci lavati e tessuti tecnici, e fondo extralight dall’effetto opaco e ruvido