WonderStore is the winner of the Start up Competition of the Innovation Village Retail project of Expo Riva Schuh & Gardabags, curated by Retail Hub and dedicated to the most innovative and disruptive projects for the footwear and accessories distribution sector: an all-Italian technology that allows to collect in-store data in order to better understand the customer experience and consumer behavior and thus improve sales.

When was the project born?
WonderStore was born in 2017 and within a few years it has become appreciated and has been chosen by many companies and stores around the world, in Europe, especially in Milan, but also in Asia and America.

What does it consist of?
WonderStore leverages cutting-edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Story Telling Analytics and computer vision to profile, track, classify and analyze the customer lining the physical store. It is able to capture and classify, in real time, for each customer who enters the store, key parameters such as gender, age, ethnicity, presence of glasses, beard or mustache, hair color, make-up, and even the emotions he or she feels, through a system that extracts key facial features, as well as the times of influx and the most visited areas of the store. All the data collected is anonymous, in the full safeguard of customer privacy and anonymity.

What benefits can a brand or company gain from this?
A range of extremely useful information can be captured, such as how many people pass by the store, how long they stand in front of the window, how many decide to enter the store, as well as tracking the number of people who go to the fitting rooms to try a product or who choose a particular product. It also makes it possible to improve the brand’s marketing strategy, because it is possible to measure a promotional campaign and, in general, improve store performance and staff management with respect to the type of target audience identified, guiding staff recruiting or giving real-time suggestions to sales staff on actions to take. The system is, moreover, capable of proposing, through monitors, targeted content depending on who is looking at a product, launching, for example, promotional messages or discounts directly aimed at that specific customer in real time, to entice them to purchase. It is also able to integrate online and offline data to further enhance the customer experience.

Better knowledge of customers is strategic to achieve greater efficiency in store management and thus a better shopping experience and customer satisfaction. This is the future of retail, and WonderStore is a reality destined to innovate the market, especially because it brings, in the physical dimension, all those analytics that we normally find on the web side,” says Massimo Volpe, co-founder Retail Hub.