On the occasion of the last edition of Pitti Uomo, three talented international artists interpreted the constant sustainability commitment of Cuoio di Toscana based on authenticity, green identity and the timeless beauty of its vegetable-treated leathers, with a capsule collection, a video installation and a ‘live performance’. The artist-designer Augusta 1923, born Simone Cecchetto, hand moulded unique boots to give them a “lived-in” shape that tends to improve with the passing of time and use, just like Tuscan leather. The artist Greg Jager, instead, created a Live Social Wall during the fair, at the stand of Cuoio di Toscana. The work was inspired by the residues of leather processing, representing the artisan values of the Consortium in the name of up-cycling and less waste. Always at the fair, video maker Lapo Quagli presented his short film ‘Step in to the green side’, focused on the circularity of the Cuoio di Toscana production model.