Fotos: Studio F - FUTURECOM 2015, São Paulo-SP

The Mercosur-EU free trade agreement opens up a huge frontier for Brazilian footwear. Thanks to its history, profile, and position, the Couromoda fair is the natural platform for reinforcing sector business between the two economic regions. Brazcouromoda-5ilian footwear respectively finds in France and the United Kingdom the third and tenth leading destinations for its exports, for a total value of 40 million dollars: an important number, which however is small when compared to the potential business in Europe. A potential that will be given free reign thanks to the agreement.

Couromoda has always followed the negotiations first set into motion 20 years ago with great interest: “We were always present and we worked to see Brazilian brands inserted onto the European market, while maintaining close ties with its main players – declared Francisco Santos, President of Couromoda – This agreement will encourage business and Couromoda is ready to be the tool and meeting point between the industry and retail sales in both continents”.

Fotos: Studio F - FUTURECOM 2015, São Paulo-SP

The agreement represents a big step forward and an excellent opportunity for Brazilian footwear, which will now be more competitive for European buyers. “The promotion of Couromoda will follow two directions, – adds Francisco Santos – from one end, there is the ad campaign targeted at attracting leading purchasers and department stores from the old continent through initiatives and events in Europe. From the other end, there is the organisation of a program for researching and scouting the main European brands – from Italy, Portugal, France, and Spain – so that they can come to Couromoda 2020: the first step for the future participation of European exhibitors at the 2021 show. They are producers in the mid to high-end range, which can provide a complementary proposal to Brazilian retailers and international buyers”.

Fotos: Studio F - COUROMODA 2016, São Paulo-SP

While feverish preparations are underway, Couromoda also announces that the next edition will be held for a total of three days, on the 13, 14, and 15 January 2020, as a strategic choice in optimising the sales season. The day before the show, on 12 January, there will be the conference of the Couromoda Forum and a pre-opening for select customers, along with an inaugural cocktail on the eve of the event.

São Paulo Pret-à-porter will be held in conjunction with Couromoda, while the calendar of both events will be enriched by the presentation of trends and retail seminars that will provide inspiration to the purchasing campaigns of visitors.