piccadilly_201801_005__mg_7244Today, Piccadilly, in fact, is a hotbed of technology, with the aim of always guaranteeing the perfect fit for every foot type. This comfort is the fruit of carefully selected quality materials, but also attentive technological research, which today has led the Brazilian brand to the presentation of its innovative Piccadilly Energy patented technology: this exclusively developed, one-of-a-kind technology worldwide, with a magnet inserted inside the sole, transforms the sole’s impact with the ground into vibrations. These vibrations are capable of significantly improving the blood’s circulation and reducing the impact of the foot hitting the ground by 87%, while also reducing the sense of muscular fatigue.

Another important innovation in the technological segment is Piccadilly Anatomic, an ultra-comfortable anatomical insole matched with a TPU sole that recalls the structure of tyres. It reduces the impact with the ground and the perception of instability on uneven terrain, while also offering a long-lasting sense of well-being, even in elegant footwear with a high heel.

The Brazilian company also extends its range of models fitted with MaxiTherapy technology: a super-soft and antibacterial insole made of polyamide and viscoelastic foam is matched with an exclusive bio-fibre insert that ensures maximum well-being, while absorbing sweat and impacts with the ground. With Piccadilly, comfort is fashionable every day of the week.