Since its origins, Clarks has known how to renew itself, creating quality and long-lasting shoes, but always with an eye on sustainability and respect for the environment.  And precisely in line with this mission, World Earth Day was chosen on 22 April for the official launch of the sustainable “Origin 2.0.” trainers: genderless, sporty and casual models made using the most advanced eco-sustainable techniques. The ‘Origin 2.0’ trainers, in fact, have been conceived using only five parts and no glue: 74% recycled knit upper, 20% recycled cushioned Ortholite® Hybrid™ footbed, 51% recycled EVA ExtraLight® outsole, 100% recycled laces and, finally, thread which, instead of glue, allows for easier maintenance, requires less material, reduces non-biodegradable adhesive waste and facilitates removal for recycling. Available in different colours, they offer great breathability and flexibility, and extremely high comfort.