Francisco Santos

A few days ago we launched the #ComeState (Howareyou) initiative, a way to keep alive contacts with the footwear sector and perceive the mood and expectations of the main players in the sector.
Those who did not send a video wanted to write a few lines to make their voices heard.
Here are the words of Francisco Santos, president of Couromoda and of Sao Paulo Feiras:
“Coronavirus has also arrived in Brazil and is already fatally reaping victims especially in terms of States and Municipalities, in particular those with the largest population, despite all the efforts of public institutions and private initiatives who did not hold back in this delicate moment. We expect weeks, perhaps months, of great difficulty, with loss of lives and an alarming economic setback.

Obviously also our footwear sector will be impacted by it. Production, in the vast majority of factories, is paralysed, also because it would be of little use to produce while also physical stores are closed.

After this crisis has passed – as it will pass – we will be ready to resume production, trade and exports. The main players in the sector are taking advantage of this period to develop strategies and action plans, while they organise themselves to raise public awareness of the need for important support to preserve millions of direct and indirect jobs. Supports that will be fundamental for the recovery of the economic strength pursued in recent months.

In Brazil we have a complete supply chain, from leather to shops, passing through shoe factories, components and machines, all supported by a good mix of research and fashion institutes. So I am convinced that we will come out of this terrible time even stronger, although the priority is to preserve as many lives as possible at the moment.

The Brazilian footwear sector will stay strong, creative and agile to meet internal and international market needs, always offering style, fashion and comfort”.