A huge leap forward was made by Brazilian footwear exports in April: according to the latest Abicalçados report, in April 2021, +76% was recorded over April 2020, for a total of 8.5 million pairs. In terms of revenue, exports arrived at a value of 65 million dollars, which is up +115% over April 2020.

The data registered during the first 4 months highlight a total of 40.5million pairs exported, for a turnover of 258.8 million dollars, which is a +10.1% increase in volume and -4.6% drop in value compared to the same period last year. The USA remains the first destination for Made in Brazil footwear, followed by Argentina and France.

This result was anything but expected, since during the month of April, Brazil was still struggling with the peak of the pandemic: “With the recovery in international demand, we will end the year with a +13% rise in exports”, is the forecast of Haroldo Ferreira, Executive President of Abicalçados.

Imports have also restarted, and during the same month of April 2021, they arrived at 2.17 million pairs imported for a value of 32.6 million dollars, which is equal to a +49.7% rise in volume and a +68.2% rise in value when compared to the same month in 2020, with the main origins represented by Vietnam, Indonesia, and China”.

Haroldo Ferreira