Since 1927, BioEco by ARKA has been combining the best classic artisanal traditions with modern technologies, in order to give life to a women’s footwear collection that satisfies the need for elegance and taste, without however compromising on the well-being of the foot. This is made possible thanks to the use of exclusive natural leather tested for its chemical composition, which guarantees breathability and softness for the foot, matched with flexible and resistant soles. At the same time, this Polish company has fine-tuned an exclusive ‘Soft Step System’, which combines a perforated insole that ensures perfect air flow and optimal breathability for the foot; an ultra-soft latex insole; and a breathable foam insole created from carbon fibre or latex with two layers on the front of the insole to increase the comfort even in high-heel models and reinforce the Soft Step System effect. The timeless shape and look, combined with high quality materials, allow the brand to offer a year-round shoe perfect for all seasons, which is always beautiful and trendy to wear.

The longstanding experience matured over time has allowed BioEco to study some special devices capable of increasing the comfort of the most elegant high-heeled models, like for example the elasticized border of the court shoe models, or the presence of elastic inserts in the bootleg of the boots, making them easier to wear, while favouring perfect adherence to the calf. This has allowed the company to perfect one of the pump models, while also offering the most comfortable boots currently available on the market, with different heel heights to choose from. Its BioEco brand has accordingly been able to expand its presence in international distribution and is looking for agents. In addition to participating for the second time in Expo Riva Schuh, ARKA presented its own collection in September 2021 at the last edition of Micam, meeting up with excellent feedback from international buyers. “In a certain sense, the outbreak of the pandemic encouraged us to also look outside of our own country, Poland, and open ourselves up to foreign markets. And this was a positive thing because we met up with excellent results. Today, we are focused on reinforcing our presence in Europe, and especially in Italy, Ireland, and Hungary, while also penetrating non-EU markets like the USA” – confirms Michal Goralczyk, owner of ARKA. “We are certain that our product will also conquer international markets without difficulty, because today comfort is an essential aspect even in the most elegant or classic footwear”.

BioEco has proven itself to be a brand that has the well-being of the environment and people at heart, with the desire to create a better future for the next generations by following a philosophy of sustainable fashion. “We have been working for years to guarantee maximum comfort with respect for the environment. We are not afraid of challenges and are constantly striving to improve the design, while our production techniques for creating shoes allow the wearer to feel increasingly comfortable and at ease, on every occasion. At the same time, our soles are made from recycled materials. In the production of footwear, we use high quality natural leather, which satisfies EU standards. Even the displays for our shoes, as well as the boxes of the packaging, are made from recycled and recyclable cardboard. We are convinced that many small actions like these, made by each one of us, can make the difference for the environment we live in and for the generations to come”, concludes Goralczyk.