Due to the coronavirus health crisis, after a temporary move to July 28-30, the summer dates of the PREMIUM GROUP events were canceled following the decision of the German government which decided to call off all the events on a large scale with over 1,000 visitors at least until August 31st 2020.
Anita Tillmann, Managing Partner of the PREMIUM GROUP,  declared: “We are in close contact with all our brands and partners and have spent the past four weeks discussing possible approaches, concepts and new focal themes for summer. The bottom line is that digitization is clearly the center of our attention. We have been working closely with JOOR, the leading global B2B market, for about a year, after successfully integrating our digital platform, Veee.com. JOOR has digitized the entire system and guarantees a continuous and functioning wholesale process on an international scale, both for brands and retailers. We will shortly be offering webinars on this and we can already offer our customers an optimal digital ordering solution to work efficiently. We will develop new concepts for 2021 and we are facing the challenge by working unceasingly”.