The iconic French brand of tennis shoes expands its proposal for the coming FW 2017-18 season from basic footwear to many Limited Edition lines, all of which are characterized by a selection of special materials.

colorsole3tennis-montantes-fourrees-4couleursAmong them is the Waterproof line that is covered in a special fabric that allows water to run off it, leaving the foot warm and dry, even on the rainiest days.  The Velvet line instead focuses on velvet, a fabric that will be the trendiest protagonist of the coming season, with many colours that range from ocean blue to prune and khaki, and satin laces completing these tennis shoes, making every outfit more chic.  Colorsole instead immerses its extremely colourful tennis shoes in a bath of glitter, in order to bring sparkling high spirits to the most special occasions.

Besides research on materials, we also find textures that are carefully selected for the personalization of each look, with, for example, the sophisticated embroideries of Corduroy, the psychedelic graphics of Losanges, the romantic spirit of Liberty, and finally, the timeless Camouflage style, which, together with Surplus, is a throwback to the colours of old 70’s military uniforms, in a celebration of the military look.

All Limited Edition Bensimon tennis shoes are fitted with two special and interchangeable insoles that increase their wearability:  in soft wool for the coldest days and in canvas for the milder ones.