Born in Novara, Benedetta has shown a great passion for shoes since she was very little. She used to spend her time making innovative drawings whose subjects were shoes. The daughter of entrepreneurs, she initially decided to give up her passion to follow the path that would lead her to the family business. She then graduated with a degree in economics and cultural heritage management and worked in television. But passions cannot be suppressed forever, and she heard the call of the shoe world again. She decided to aim high and follow her dream (as the arrow that appears on the logo of her brand indicates).

Therefore she perfected her creative skills by attending the design and collection development course and the pattern making and prototyping course at ARSUTORIA School in Milan and, after working briefly in the district of the Riviera del Brenta in Italy, she launched her first women’s footwear collection in 2016.

The key elements that distinguish the creations signed by Benedetta Boroli are both their clear simplicity and wearability, thanks to careful research into lasts, and the special combination of traditional materials with modern and technological ones.

The winter 2017 collection explores new shapes, materials and combinations, accentuating the mix of rich and traditional leathers with modern and technological ones.

Feminine and sexy shoes, that can be worn both day and night, where neoprene is used both in its smooth and in its processed version and where the designer introduces mesh and other stretch materials for the first time, in order to add a stronger touch also to refined models.

The tones and the chromatic inspiration come from a trip to Tanzania. She reproduces the charm of those starry skies and the infinite shades of the over 60 bird species.

The space element is evident in the use of glitters and oleographic materials that give the shoe a 3D effect, while Milan – with its contrasting geometries – is still the leading thread of the brand.