Bata, international retailer of footwear with over 125 years of history, 5000 stores worldwide, with 400 of them in Italy alone, opens a new store in Padua in via Canziano inside a historic palace. The store extends across 140 square metres on two levels, each one of which is divided into areas created ad hoc to make accessing the products more enjoyable, while improving the shopping experience in an omnichannel key.
“The ground floor – can be read in Bata’s official statement – is dominated by Bata Red Two, which was first conceived in 2019 as a natural evolution of the first Bata Red concept. It presents itself as the expression of a global store, which through a variety of services, like in-store pick-up, the Bata Club loyalty program, and online shopping services, allows the customer to be part of a genuinely evolved shopping experience. The second floor, instead, is designed as a container for the footwear and apparel of the most prestigious international brands, with the aim of intercepting the needs of a consumer who is increasingly attentive to the trends of the moment, like athleisure”.