The shoe that delivers the Feel Great® experience has landed in Manhattan to take part in the New York marathon as the after-race feature

Black Green HikingAfter 26.2 miles even the most prepared athletes need to recover and relax their body. That’s why Barefooters decided to take part in the New York Marathon, offering itself as the perfect partner for athletes who want to get back into excellent psycho-physical condition after the race.

Barefooters, launched in Europe and the United States in the summer of 2012, was met with approval and enthusiasm by different shoe categories: wellness, medical, outdoor and confort. The entire shoe and insole is made of CorksiLite™, a revolutionary material that combines natural cork and silicone to provide functional benefits.

The injection moulded shoe, designed and manufactured in Italy, fits like a seamless glove and the Oooaaahs® inserts are designed to provide a stimulating massage with every step. “The NYC Marathon proved to be the ideal place to present the benefits of Barefooters to professional athletes who need anti-fatigue shoes after the race and after training” explained David Van Klaveren, President and CEO of Barefooters