Almost 170 years of history to construct a brand that has by now become iconic in the world and that continues to be extremely representative in Switzerland, where it was founded in Schoenenwerd in 1851, even if today its owner is Chinese. Today, the trends of Bally are presented in an exhibition being held at the Museum of Design in Zurich, which is curated by Karen Ghimmy: six rooms trace the timeline of the brand from its founding to present-day times, while allowing visitors to enter the factory to see how the brand’s footwear is still produced today in the headquarters of Caslano, in Canton Ticino. There are then the laboratories for the maintenance of the shoe, workshops where it is possible to learn how to construct them, and interviews. The exhibition reveals the great professional pathway undertaken by the Bally brand, since its founder Karl Franz Bally glimpsed the commercial potential offered up by footwear in Switzerland as well as in South America’s markets, where the brand first became international. A pathway that – as seen in the exhibition – influenced the economy and society of the country, passing through art, design, and culture with its distinctive trademark. Today, Bally belongs to the empyrean of international designer labels with a luxury product offering that ranges from shoes to clothing and accessories. A cult brand appreciated around the world, but above all in Australia and Asia, with the Chinese among its biggest fans.

The exhibition ends by allowing visitors to experience the comfort of a Bally shoe: the best way for the brand to conquer new fans.

The show will run through 11 August.