Who doesn’t remember Tom Cruise in Top Gun wearing the legendary Avirex jacket, while riding around the airfield on his motorcycle with his fellow fighter pilots flying overhead? An icon of the Eighties, which already at that time had a long history behind it as a small facility in Long Island, New York specialised in the production of leather jackets for the army, marineav92m80636-white-navys, and air force. In the Seventies, these very same jackets began to enjoy a certain amount of popularity, to then go on to become a cult object also thanks to many celebrity endorsers.

Today, Nice Footwear relaunches this historic brand with a collection of shoes that is completely renewed in their look. Inspired by the great Avirex tradition, they are proposed in suede, leather, fabric, and with vintage effects, and are ready to dress the most sophisticated man even when he chooses a casual look. Quality, comfort, and an innate sense of belonging to a glorious past are the features of the collection: elements that will be appreciated by connoisseurs.