The new Tailwhip Eco Evo is a high-performance, cruelty-free and bio-based MTB shoe, made by Northwave in partnership with ACBC and Michelin. This shoe, faithful to its original version, which has long been present in the Northwave catalogue, is renewed using eco-friendly, pre- and post-consumer recycled materials. The flat sole signed by Michelin stands out among them, which is made with hybrid technology and reuses rubber scraps from the production of the same soles, ensuring maximum grip on the pedals and at the same time minimising the impact on the environment. We recall that Hybrid is the exclusive technology designed by Michelin and JV International, and already established among the urban and running models, where the rubber compound sees the integration of production waste from the soles through a new moulding process. The waste undergoes a conditioning treatment that allows the creation of micro-pellets, which are then inserted into the blend of raw rubber to print new soles.