There are plenty footwear and bags tips to be discovered if you follow the experts’ analysies that are available on the Swapcard platform brought to you by Expo Riva Schuh:

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Sergio Belloni (designer & trend researcher), Milena Buttarello (product manager), Alice Masiero (buyer & collection merchandiser) and Maurizio Oliviero (product sourcing), explain the various product categories, highlighting the merits and qualities that might have winning results in the marketplace.

The short webinar sessions, each focused on a particular product type, enables the audience of buyers an easy way to follow the topics that interest them most and discover, albeit at a distance, the new products on offer.

Once they identify the right products for their clients, the buyers are able to examine the rest of the collection in the Shoecasesection, right there on Swapcard, and contact suppliers, obtain further details and place their orders.

The range of topics is complete. For both men and women, classic formal, comfort and casual were discussed, as well as boots, sneakers, sports & outdoor, slipper and other home wear styles and summer reassortment. Other sectors mentioned were Work & Safety, children’s footwear and, obviously, bags.