For the SS 2020, we are once again immersed in the nautical world, with its colours, transparencies, and magnificent creatures like coral, jellyfish, and underwater plant life. So, we find sneakers with soles that are transparent and featuring writings, exquisite sneakers with strass and variants in fuchsia, platinum, and silver glitter, but also running shoes with sequins for formal occasions and Teva-styled sandals covered in strass. The girls’ line also features the extremely popular chunky model, which takes its cue from a sporty feminine mood. “After carefully studying the girls’ market, we decided to re-interpret some of the most iconic women’s pieces in a junior key, changing, for example, the shapes and adapting them to the feet of a little girl, while also changing the fastenings, where we adopted elastic laces, inner zips and Velcro – declared Brand Manager Anna D’Alberto. For the first season, the line will be promoted in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and Eastern European countries, through both the specialised children’s sales channel, as well as in the stores where Apepazza for women is already present.