The Brazilian Footwear programme developed by Apex – the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, and Abicalçados, the Brazilian Footwear Industries Association, was renewed for another two years. The announcement was made during the last edition of Francal held on 4 June in São Paulo

Heibrazil-heitor-kleintor Klein, Executive Director of Abicalçados mentioned that although the negotiations were not exactly easy, they did eventually arrive at a solution that gives due importance to promoting exports in a sector that employs over 300 thousand people: “Footwear exports have taken on an important role for businesses, while supporting families and generating wealth for our country”. During the two-year period of 2017/2018, the Brazilian Footwear programme with its initiatives was responsible for generating a turnover of 400 million dollars, with the contribution of only 36 million reals, for a return of 33 reals for every real invested.

During the two-year period of 2019/20, a fund of 30.8 million reals will be allocated to this programme, with 16.6 reals contributed by Apex and 14.2 reals donated by its counterpart. The funds will be destined for promoting exports, the image and the internationalisation of Brazilian companies, especially in markets like the USA, Peru, the UK, France, China, and even Italy. The first initiatives supported by the programme include FN Platform in Las Vegas (12-14 August) and Micam in Milan (15-18 September).