Until recently, I never realised that something like this would ever be possible: launching my own footwear brand, giving free rein to my ideas and being able to touch them with my own hands. But together with my family and friends, I transformed my dream into reality.

Ana Monsalve has always liked creating things with her hands; imagining an object then making it. Her first love was crochet, followed by leather, which has an appeal that she soon learnt to appreciate.

I studied this material and discovered how to enhance its details to make well-made objects. I came to realise that perfection and simplicity enhance the material, making it so beautiful you can’t help but be seduced by it.

A material that led Ana to the world of footwear, giving her the opportunity to express her concept of ‘simplicity is beauty’.

After launching the first range under the Tiralahilacha label, she went on to create the current Monsalve Creaciones brand.

Today, after studying at the ARSUTORIA School, her collection offers comfortable leather shoes, produced at the family-run factory in Elda, in Spain.