The new “Made2Share” sneaker, fruit of two years of research, combines the modular technology of ACBC with sustainable productive processes and organic, natural, and ethical materials like Tencel and Piñatex fibres or Bloom algae foam, bamboo rubber and cork. All raw materials that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable.
For the upper, three styles are proposed – Jogger, Sneaker and Chukka – in 4 combinations of colour. This allows the sole to be reused, while thanks to the zip it’s possible to change the upper, creating a new look and extending the lifetime of the shoe. When the sole has arrived at the end of its lifecycle, ACBC picks it up and recycles it.
ACBC, the brand founded by Edoardo Iannuzzi and Gio Giacobbe in 2017, today has a network of flagship stores in 7 countries worldwide – Italy, China, Germany, Greece, Austria, Romania, and Thailand – and it expects to open another flagship store in Dubai in 2020. It also has important co-branding projects with prestigious brands like Moschino, Armani and MTV.
With “Made2Share” it takes a step forward on the pathway to sustainability: “With the understanding that fashion is the second most polluting industry after the automotive industry, we felt the need to offer a solution -, comments co-founder Edoardo Iannuzzi in the company memo – Every one of our soles can be used for its entire lifecycle, to then be disposed of through the ACBC recycling system. We chose the most sustainable materials in the world for the “Made2Share” sneaker, without having to compromise on performance, durability, style or comfort. Our shoes are lightweight, multipurpose, and perfect for travellers and urban nomads”.