A strong trend of growth, increasingly of international scope, with specialised visitors coming from every industrial sector, and exhibitor and visitor numbers alike on the rise. This is the basis for the November edition of A+A, which will be truly exceptional, highlighting the role of the event as the main platform for occupational safety, protection, and health at work.

Die A+A in Düsseldorf ist die international führende Fachmesse mit Kongress für Persönlichen Schutz, Betriebliche Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit. Vom 17. bis 20. Oktober 2017 präsentieren über 1.900 Aussteller aus 63 Nationen auf mehr als 70.000 Quadratmetern in 9 Hallen die neuesten Trends, Produkte und Services für sicheres und gesundes Arbeiten. Aktuelle Presseinformationen und Pressefotos online: http://www.AplusA.de/presse. _ From October 17 to 20, over 1,900 companies from 63 nations showcase the latest trends, products and services on the topics of personal safety, corporate security and workplace health promotion on more than 70,000 square metres at A+A in Düsseldorf, the International Trade Fair with Congress for Safety, Security and Health at Work. Latest press information and press photos online: http://www.AplusA-online.com/press.

The last edition of the event attracted 67,000 visitors, of which 40% were international, together with 1,930 exhibitors. Important numbers that rewarded the offering of products and services, but also provided opportunities for business and networking, as well as for in-depth analyses dedicated to the different safety issues that were the protagonists of the event’s three macro areas: Safety at Work (with its PPE, corporate fashion, protective fabrics and apparel, safety devices…), Security at Work (fire, explosion, radiation, and electrical protection, air pollution control, noise reduction, environmental protection, and safety devices for machinery…), and Health at Work (first aid, prevention and therapies, Occupational Health Management, workplace structures and ergonomics…).

aawolfram_dienerWhat innovations will the new edition hold in store? First, there will be an even more complete selection of businesses, with the confirmed participation of 2,000 exhibitors including both old and new entries: “We can say that A+A 2019 will once again represent the entire world of corporate health and safety in Düsseldorf   – comments Wolfram N, Diener, managing director of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH – On show will be an overview of all the latest products and sector trends, both nationally and internationally. A+A will also be the first trade show to occupy the renewed and multifunctional Hall 1, accessed via the South Entrance. The new space will be dedicated to the personal protective equipment segment with new and old exhibitors presented in a larger area than in the past. The Operational Safety area will also expand to include Hall 7”.

Düsseldorf, DEU, 27.10.015. Im Rahmen der A+A in Düsseldorf, der international führenden Fachmesse mit Kongress für Persönlichen Schutz, betriebliche Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei der Arbeit, zeigen die 1.880 Aussteller aus 57 Nationen in den Hallen 3 bis 7 und 9 bis 11 neueste Trends, Produkte und Services für sicheres und gesundes Arbeiten. Aktuelle Presseinformationen und Pressefotos online: http://www.AplusA.de/presse.| At A+A 2015, International Trade Fair for Safety, Security and Health at Work with Congress, over 1,880 companies from 57 nations in the Halls 3 – 7 and 9 – 11 showcase the latest trends, products and services on the topics of personal safety, corporate security and workplace health promotion. Latest press information and press pictures online: http://www.AplusA-online.com/press. Foto: Messe Düsseldorf, Constanze Tillmann. Exploitation right Messe Düsseldorf, M e s s e p l a t z, D-40474 D ü s s e l d o r f, www.messe-duesseldorf.de; eine h o n o r a r f r e i e Nutzung des Bildes ist nur für journalistische Berichterstattung, bei vollständiger Namensnennung des Urhebers gem. Par. 13 UrhG (Foto: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann) und Beleg möglich; Verwendung ausserhalb journalistischer Zwecke nur nach schriftlicher Vereinbarung mit dem Urheber; soweit nicht ausdrücklich vermerkt werden keine Persönlichkeits-, Eigentums-, Kunst- oder Markenrechte eingeräumt. Die Einholung dieser Rechte obliegt dem Nutzer; Jede Weitergabe des Bildes an Dritte ohne Genehmigung ist untersagt | Any usage and publication only for editorial use, commercial use and advertising only after agreement; unless otherwise stated: no Model release, property release or other third party rights available; royalty free only with mandatory credit: photo by Messe Duesseldorf]

In addition to the products and services offered by exhibitors, an important part of the event will be dedicated to information and the presentation of projects, like the Highlight Route to the Future of Work. Another important part will be dedicated to changes in the working environment as a result of digitalisation. However, also on the agenda will be smart solutions for personal protective equipment, new workplace models, new ideas for workplace structures, digital applications, innovative prototypes, etc.…

“For the first time, A+A will host an International Start-Up Zone, which will showcase a selection of companies that have been trading for less than five years, with an annual turnover below 5 million euros – announces Wolfram N, Diener – These businesses, together with a selection of new entries, will be able to access a programme created by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy that will offer them a simple, inexpensive way of exhibiting at A+A.

A+A will also host the 36th International Congress for Occupational Safety and Medicine, with its last edition dedicated to the theme of fire prevention.