JOE NIMBLEDo you know of the thousands little nerves connected to the sole of the foot, that are very sensitive to stimuli like tissues, vibrations, rubbing of the skin, deep pressure and light touch?

These nerves play a central role in the posture and control of movement, in short, in maintaining a standing position and in producing an adequate response to the impacts of dynamic forces.

The ability to recognise and control sensory impulses and regulate movement is called proprioception. Recent studies show that specific materials can improve balance and stability by reducing medial lateral oscillation. These studies also show that harder surfaces stimulate the nervous system more effectively and allow an increase in proprioceptive stimulation from the ground.

Obviously all the shoes block the necessary stimulation of the plantar proprioceptors to some extent … The result can be a delay in the nervous system that can cause joint pains, imbalance, loss of balance and inefficient movement patterns.


JOE NIMBLEJoe Nimble’s functional movement shoes promise to resolve the problem. By wearing nimbleToes your feet will start to sense a new freedom and it will not be long before you can enjoy different benefits: fingers will open, your feet and their muscles will get stronger. Joe Nimble shoes are asymmetrical and respect the natural morphology of the foot. A “wide and flat” but symmetrical shoe can not be considered functional since the extra width is concentrated on the forefoot rather than in the so-called “toe-box”, that is the space necessary to accommodate the big toe. This type of design forces people who have a natural foot and a good alignment of their fingers to buy shoes that are too long, with too much space in the front. NimbleToes, instead, are designed to overcome this problem, resulting perfectly tailored to the foot.