Derby shoes in leather and in natural handwoven raffia fabric, with a super-performance sole. From one end, there is the sophisticated and innovative style of Clergerie, from the other end, there is Michelin technology, which, inspired by Tweel tires, creates a sole capable of absorbing impacts, improving stability, and providing greater support thanks to a high contact surface. The design of the sole follows the foot’s movement, guaranteeing progressive traction while walking.
“It was interesting to merge the passion for pure aesthetics of Clergerie with Michelin technology – declared David Tourniare-Beauciel, creative director of the maison – two brands that share quality, craftsmanship, and innovation”. To this, Cristina Stamate, international sales manager of JV International (partner to Michelin for the development of soles) replied: “This partnership is based on sentiment. The same passion for innovation and research and the same desire to stand out have allowed us to develop a product that communicates our values: the technical competence of Michelin united with the craftsmanship and innovative approach of Clergerie”.