Conceived to reply to the increased level of physical contact on basketball courts, Superstar with its iconic “shelltoe” design was first launched in 1970. The decision of German research laboratories in choosing a rubber toe was to guarantee maximum performance in terms of protection, shock absorption, and grip. The reaction of athletes was not long in coming and many stars immediately started wearing it on the court, including legendary star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
It’s a short step from the court to the street and in the Eighties, Superstars are adopted by the hip-hop scene and made famous by stars like Run-DMC who wore them in a very characteristic way without laces and with the tongue sticking out. Next, the moment of ground-breaking street culture arrives with Superstar carving out a role for itself as an iconic accessory.
Over the last half a century, Superstar has been worn by athletes, artists, creative talents, collectives, and normal individuals, confirming itself to be a democratic accessory, thanks to its accessible price. Its versatility has also allowed for the creation of many versions, which is fruit of important co-labs that have redefined the silhouetted like Undefeated X Bape with camo inserts, Blondey Mc Coy with vinyl transparencies, and Louis Vuitton x Supreme with the LV designer logo, just to name a few…
Today, Superstar continues to have a lot to say for itself, and with its energy it is here to stay.