Vault by Vans reinterprets the classic Checkerboard on hand-woven leather accessories and footwear

Vans, the brand of VF Corporation that manufactures footwear and apparel for action sports, honors its 50th anniversary by reinterpreting the coveted Checkerboard motif for the “Checkered Past” limited edition collection. This deluxe line of 10 items, launched with the exclusive label Vault by Vans, expresses the classic motif with skillfully hand-woven leather, which embellishes shoes and accessories. Checkerboard is a sacred symbol in Vans’ history, as it appeared in the most coveted models when the company was still family-owned and called Van Doren Rubber Company and is still there even now that Vans is a global icon in extreme sports, music, fashion and art. The “Checkered Past” collection pays tribute to this traditional motif with a series of Original Classic models and Leather Checker Bags. The precious leather transforms the Checkerboard motif, which is usually a print, into the complex woven surface of Vans’ historic models. In order to celebrate at best the anniversary of the brand, Vault by Vans launches the “Checkered Past” collection on March 16, Vans’ 50th anniversary, in over 75 countries and in more than 450 retail locations.