The future is in our hands or rather on our feet: this is the message conveyed by .0, the completely recyclable sneaker brand conceived to ‘make a break’ with the traditional concept of the linear consumption model of Buy-Use-Trash, in favour of a more virtuous and integral model of use and recycle that preserves the planet and resources for future generations. Founded by 23-year old Florentine David Braccini, who is strong from the footwear manufacturing heritage of his family’s factory that dates back two generations, .0 proposes a natural simplicity that is characterised however by sophisticated details, blending youthful and eco-sustainable oriented ideas with the experience of Tuscan artisans. .0 is in fact constructed using BIO-BASED materials derived from the waste of wood processing, without implying water use, while offering a product that is 100% cruelty-free. Even if it is a shoe that brings to mind a “running” shoe/runner in its shape, its silhouette suggests more elegant match-ups, capable of defusing the most formal style.