Zeis Excelsa: ambitious goalsWith the company’s restructuring now complete, the Marches group specialised in the production of footwear sets itself the goal of increasing its turnover from 30 million to 50 million euros and eventually generating 50% of its revenue abroad.

Feb 20, 2019
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What are the strategies on which the group is focused? First and foremost, on focusing its energies on footwear production, while outsourcing the other kinds of products to companies located in Italy, Europe, India, Vietnam and China. There is then a strategy of specific store openings.

Zeis Excelsa owns the brands Docksteps, Cult and Virtus Palestre, as well as the license for Oxs and the cult brand of shoes from the Eighties, Americanino.

With the exception of Cult, which has assigned the license to Oxitalia for the diversification of the offer in Italy and Europe and to Cinturificio GP&Max in Naples for belts, Moda Aeffe produces and distributes the apparel of the other brands in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Benelux.

Currently, Zeis Excelsa has 10 directly managed Docksteps stores, online sales channels for Cult and Oxs, and plans on opening an e-commerce channel for Docksteps in the near future. It also has 2 Cult flagship stores.

For Oxs, a brand with a strong vocation for exports (equal to 80% of its turnover), after having started up a series of partnerships with distributors in the Middle East, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, and Poland, it will now focus on a stronger presence in Europe and Russia, the second most important market of the brand after Italy, while also considering possible openings in China and South Korea.

Zeis Excelsa ended 2018 with a turnover of 30 million euros, with 70% of it accounted for by sales in Italy.

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