XTI: love at first sight!The Spanish brand of youthful footwear presents its new proposals for winter.

Feb 18, 2019
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Does love at first sight for an accessory really exist? There is no research, study or university that will probably ever be able to verify if this statement is true or not, but XTI is sure that when a woman finally meets the ankle boot she was searching for, for many months, the adrenaline is as instantaneous as love at first sight! Striking, sinuous, capable of exalting feminine beauty with each step taken, while also warmly embracing the wearer, the XTI ankle boot is a kind of instant crush, a whirlwind of emotions that says a lot more than an army of data and scientific studies could ever say.
The thrill of choosing one of the colours proposed in the collection, and the flights of fantasy regarding the possible looks and combinations, is so strong as to lead you to believe that the entire wardrobe exclusively depends only on him: YOUR favourite ankle boot. To verify if all this emotional upheaval is only temporary or true love, you need only ask if it’s possible to wear it all the time and in combination with any item, from skinny pants to a dress. If the answer to this question is yes, then it is in fact true love!

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