What will children’s footwear for the coming summer be like?The leading brands in children’s footwear present the SS 2018 collections: a journey to discover the inspirations, trends, and designs for the coming summer season of shoes

Nov 27, 2017
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We’ll tell you: for the coming SS 2018 season, leading sector brands will propose children’s footwear that is playful, fun, colourful, and creative. At the same time, there will be a focus on comfort and well-being, in order to guarantee the health of growing feet. The new collections will feature fashionable highlights with more than one connection to glam and to the romantic-chic mood; while sporty and athleisure expressions will perfectly complement the coming season’s top mini looks, while emphasising the interest of children in fashion.

The brands from our selection are:

  1. Naturino: Fashion as a journey
  2. Falcotto: Tropical garden
  3. Primigi: Innovation, creativity, and passion
  4. Nero Giardini Junior: Urban chic call
  5. Morelli Kids: White glam
  6. Rondinella: Hard-nosed
  7. Asso: Actively trendy
  8. Jarrett: Tattoo culture
  9. Melissa: Mapping the world
  10. D.A.T.E.: Long live the sneaker!
  11. Liu Jo Juniors: Contemporary glam
  12. Bumpers: The Debut of Girls
  13. AM66: Oriental expressions
  14. Andrea Montelpare: Between lace and knots
  15. Montelpare Tradition: Fashion and tradition
  16. Gioseppo: All-around colour
  17. Bensimon: Hawaiian surf
  18. Tommy Hilfiger: Preppy signature
  19. Walkey: Tiny white step


Fashion as a journey

Fantasy, nature, mystery, and a yearning to discover come together in the wonderful Naturino journey dedicated to the coming summer season. Many roads, but just one destination, planet fashion, which can be reached by following comic book signs and graphics, like clues in a treasure hunt. Along the way, it’s possible to discover Indian tepee villages, mysterious UFOs, and sailing origami boats, which are all used to embellish the boys’ line of models.

Instead, paint-like splashes of lacquering in energetic and flou colours are used in uppers, with appliqués like hearts, butterflies, cherries, and a rain of glitter for little girls. There are then practical sandals with straps, sparkling lamé with crêped workmanship and fadings for vintage effects, and elegant stones and floral bouquets. Laces are ennobled by large satin bows.

Among the leading materials are calfskin, napa, cotton, canvas denim with optional worn-out effects, and sequins. The colours are beige, navy, shades of grey matched with yellow ochre, and green and turquoise, while in girls’, pink in all of its various shades is a must.

Naturino is the leading brand belonging to the Falc portfolio, which for 40-plus years has been the brand of reference in children’s shoes, with trendy and comfortable proposals made possible by the renowned “sand effect” that allows the feet of the littlest set to feel as if they were walking barefoot on the sand.

Tropical garden

Pineapple, tropical plants, triumphs of fruit, together with the usual floral ornamentation, and patterns of hearts, stars and stripes, and fluo butterflies… these are all the highlights of the Falc brand collection dedicated to the littlest set, Falcotto. Emerging from the depths of a tropical garden, patterns and prints characterize the line of models, conveying an upbeat and playful tone ideal for those ready to tackle life’s challenges, while taking their very first steps.

Also for this collection, Falcotto renews a special attention to the needs of small and delicate growing feet, with a meticulous choice of natural materials of the highest quality and softness provided by cowhide and trendy denim. The shoe’s construction makes use of various systems and components that guarantee the freshness and hygiene of the foot, while ensuring correct growth, which is guaranteed by the famed “sand effect” characterising the young and baby collections of the Falc group.

Innovation, creativity, and passion

These are the key features characterising the Primigi brand, which for 40-plus years has followed the growth of children, with a special focus on their well-being. Moreover, it has dedicated a rich and vast summer collection to them, which is broken down into five different trends: mandalas and freedom; colour and dynamism; colour and patterns; princes and princesses; and the eagle and playtime.

For girls, the themes are developed in a cascade of lights, colours, flowers, and stars, which decorate different materials and styles. There are then flats with glitter, rhinestones, perforations, in leather and fabric, and with romantic Gingham squares and polka dots. Laminated and printed sandals are used to enhance elegant outfits and gladiator styles, while colourful patterns and nubuck are destined for a sportier version. There are then sneakers: low, high, with dual Velcro or zip, laminates, glitter, and with fantasy fabrics… expressed in bright, warm, and sophisticated colours.

For little boys, instead, we find sandals and sneakers in nubuck, technical fabric, napa, suede and jute for an urban, leisure, and vacationer look. Camouflage prints for active boys, sails, helms, and tropical plants for little adventurers… all of which is expressed in a skilful mix of materials and colours. For formal occasions, an endless array of lace-up boots in thousands of tones.

Nero Giardini Junior
Urban chic call


Urban chic call for the Nero Giardini Junior collection in an unmistakable mix of colours and patterns. All-around glam sneakers with rhinestone and pearled inserts are lit up by silver and platinum luminous tones. White outsoles and floral themes for bon-ton sneakers, fringes and glitter for the new boho look, and lace for the most elegant outfits. Wide room is made for college-styled English oxfords in white, champagne, and savannah tones, along with optional lace inserts, floral elements, and tone-on-tone lasering. There are then sandals with superlight outsoles and mini rhinestones for renewing the glam mood.

Colour is the protagonist also in the collection dedicated to boys, characterising flexible, multicolour sneakers with side zips, in leather or in canvas and technical fabrics. Yellow, orange, and fluo are the nuances of reference in the daily look. While, for important occasions, the English world returns with renewed white outsoles and denim tones.

Morelli Kids
White glam

White is the great protagonist of the Morelli Kids collection: plain, full, and dazzling. We find it in the line of sandals enriched by glittery fringes, delicate and romantic ruffles, multicolour rhinestones, and supple bows. In sneakers, it is highlighted by glittery inserts and star-shaped embroideries, metal-mirrored details along the rear of the collar, and glittering fringes; or proposed in contrast to highly colourful floral-themed ruffles, sophisticated lace enriched by sequins, and glitter inserts with a dynamic look.

The more structured shoe, instead, has a French allure, and is expressed in a derby version with small ruffles in a delicate metallic pale pink tone, or in a baby glam platinum version with fringes and mega-bow.

Take a dive into the white world, and the most fashionable summer atmospheres will immediately come to life.


Rondinella renews the collaboration with the illustrator Valentina Marchionni, introducing two new and playful little monsters into the Muso Crew capsule collection: the terrifying orange crab with enormous claws and the praying mantis with its bulging eyes, decorating the maxi striped tongues and sides of the upper in white high performance sneakers.

The Muso capsule collection is the crown jewel of a collection that spans between vintage and pop shoes for girls, with retro-inspired monochromatic illustrations decorated in gold detailing with small animals, or Eighties chromatic glam. Between patent leather in warm tones, soft calfskin, lizard and ostrich-printed laminated leathers, canvas with stripes and polka dots, velvet in pastel tones for the most elegant versions and fluo shades for sporty sandals and sneakers… the collection also has futuristic touches underlined by gold and silver. For boys, Rondinella instead proposes sporty leathers, slightly rubberised, crusts that are sometimes fluo, scratched leathers with contrasting outsoles, and safari canvas with rope outsoles in the colours of the forest.

The collection underlines the founding values of the brand: craft workmanship, constant stylistic research, and state-of-the-art materials, which for more than 80 years have determined the success of the brand.

Actively trendy

Known for its fashionable and glam vein, with the SS 2018 season, the Asso brand expands its proposal to include the active environment, with the presentation of its Asso Sport line. Enriched by glam elements for girls and a “rock” tone for boys, Asso Sport is characterised by comfortable shoes with a sports mood and a practical removable footbed, making the sneaker more lightweight, comfortable, and hygienic. The model of reference is Zodiac, a masculine ultralight city-sneaker made from soft leathers in a perfect equilibrium between technology and design, which is enlivened by energetic and lively colours.

However, this is not the only new trend of the season. From the Asso research and development department emerges also Run-Up: a line of footwear that is divided between a sporty and urban mood, successfully combining performance and glam in a triumph of playful colours. High performance and comfortable, Run-Ups are constructed to guarantee stability and shock absorption. Fitted with a removable footbed and integrated air chambers in the sole, a revolutionary comfort is guaranteed.

Next to the dynamic character of the new proposals, the collection is completed by a range of models for little fashion addicts: Garden, Giusy, Giada and Rubino, which bring meticulous details together with sophistication and creativity.

Tattoo culture

Matteo Cascetti and Tommaso Serpentini are the two eclectic tattoo artists to design the graphics of the JARREtt iNK collection, which has been developed following two creative styles: the natural world and the surrealistic setting.

Accordingly, Matteo Cascetti designs farm animals and wood animals, but also tigers and top hats, as well as friendly crocodiles that rip the denim canvas of sneakers to pop out like unpredictable comic book characters from the upper. Tommaso Serpentini instead merges graphics with art, creating a pig-shaped coin bank with red hearts, along with Aries in love, in playful and bright colours.

Overall, the collection features 17 personalisations in a mix of tattooed characters and new textures, making Jarrett footwear the glam accessory of the summer. The rock mood of the proposal is perfectly integrated with the playful expressions of the Bocca and Love sneaker capsule collection, which features mini-capsule collections characterized by details like feathers, studs, pearls, and interwoven leathers, in an urban mood with a dynamic spirit.

Mapping the world

During a moment when physical and virtual borders are redefined, the Brazilian brand Melissa proposes an extremely personal mapping of the world, an architectural work of creativity that is fully expressed in the Mapping collection. Proposed in a mini version, the concept rotates around a line of innovative models that redesigns the world of Mel and Mini Melissa between jelly highlights and VIP collaborations: shoes with matte and pearled finishes, with bows and maxi bows, sandals with glossy and glitter details, flatties with glitter and heart finishes, mini cats and inner linings with playful graphics.

However, it is VIP collaborations that allow Melissa to enter its most exclusive kingdom. The protagonists come from the world of Disney, revamping not only the Twins line dedicated to Minnie and Mickey with new shoes enriched by playful rounded mouse ears, but also the Lady and the Tramp and Bambi lines. The Taiwanese stylist Jason Wu, instead, designs a sophisticated flat resembling cutout ribbons, which is enriched by practical elastic on the upper part, in an infinite range of colours. There is then Vivienne Westwood: the historic godmother of punk, who designs the new mini beach slide lovely sandal, with a crown on one foot, and a heart on the other; while the flat model she proposes is enriched by metallic appliqués, including a heart that is wrapped by a ribbon.

Long live the sneaker!

The four musketeers of the sneaker, Daniele, Alessandro, Tommaso, and Emiliano propose a kids’ line that is genuinely fresh and fashionable, with various glam highlights. Queen of the season is the classic low-cut shoe with boxed sole, which on this occasion is covered in artfully stitched calfskin and mesh in white, metal, and vitamin fluo tones. There is then leather with striking washed-out effects, sprays of pearls and glitter, candy wrapper features, and precious laminate. The characteristic “pong” print also makes its return in small hexagon-shaped patterns.

Moreover, a nod is made to a glamorous urban mood, from new camouflage versions, to dark denim, and the extremely fun “paint” versions, which hand decorate the trim of the sole in zigzags, polka dots, and mini drops.

There are styles to suit every taste, without forgetting the sophisticated and elegant mood of D.A.T.E., which is reflected in the characteristic squared logo embroidered on each pair of sneakers.

Liu Jo Junior
Contemporary glam

For the coming season, a contemporary urban taste enriched by glam elements is what Liu Jo Junior dedicates to the littlest set of aspiring fashionistas. For them, there is a triumph of sandals, starting with a romantic-chic version, with pearled leather straps, and outsoles trimmed with rhinestones and matched with interwoven rope. There is then the sporty-chic version, with intersecting bands enriched by rhinestones and a micro-white, grip-fast, and dressy outsole;  while the T-bar model is enriched by coloured stones on a high sporty outsole. Next, we find delicate flats embellished by pearls and rhinestones, sporty sneakers with lamé or glitter inserts and a design that moves down to the sole, and sneakers with rhinestone bands on boxed thick outsoles. The street style instead features hi-top sneakers in ripped denim, which are decorated by studs and metal stars…

A season that reminds little Liu Jo wearers to let the light of their youth shine through!

The Debut of Girls!


Starting this season, the Bumper world opens up to the universe of girls’ footwear with an increasingly colourful proposal. Accordingly, the sports and aerodynamic line of Bumper is enriched by satin bows held by elastic fastenings in slip-ons, while leather sneakers are proposed in turquoise, fuchsia, pink, yellow, gold, and silver tones. Among the materials, there is a rotation of satin and nubuck, and napa and lamé, with glitter making an appearance.

Even the boys’ versions are lit up by colour: next to black, we find orange, light blue, yellow, red, and a camouflage based on the entire palette. Moreover, sneakers have a personalised ultralight sole that provides maximum comfort.

Thus, Bumper returns to present a high-end and extremely appealing sportswear proposal.

Oriental Expressions

A plunge into the Orient, between China and Japan, with a striking line of footwear characterised by an exotic mood that is decorated by dragon and dinosaur prints, which are also transformed into precious embroideries and appliqués. This is the leading star of the new AM66 collection, the style of which is based on an original mix that merges innovative and cutting-edge highlights with classic ones. Great creative liberty can be found in slip-ons, sneakers, and running shoes, with contrasting resin coatings that colour the heels, toes, and/or sides of white uppers with red, orange, indigo, and black nuances.

In the line of models, we also find striking sneakers with a “pointed effect” that adopt lime, orange, and black in contrast to the black napa or white upper.

Andrea Montelpare
Between lace and knots


The Andrea Montelpare high-end range is the point of reference in fashion for younger children and older kids, who are demanding in their requirements, as well as attentive to the great artisanal tradition of Made in Italy. The proposal for the coming summer will not let them down, thanks to a range of models that knows how to interpret with great style the trends of the new season.

The most eye-catching line is the one making macramé lace its protagonist, using it to create lace encrustations on napa and glitter, and on sandals and slip-ons in silver, sky blue, and pink tones. There are then elegant intersecting geometric knots in satin and leather, which decorate sandals, flip-flops, slippers, slip-ons, and sneakers. Finally, there is the beribboned line that is lit up by luminescent colours, while showcasing knots and ruffles on lamé, turquoise, copper, and silver leathers, with super-lightweight grip-fast soles.

Montelpare Tradition
Fashion and tradition

Interpreters of a dream of poetry, fashion, and tradition: these are the Montelpare boys and girls for the coming season; children who do not yield to the latest fashion trends, but who love to unite tradition with innovation, and fashion with romanticism.

For them, Montelpare has designed a collection characterised by glam, where leather flowers are alternated with studs and pearls, which decorate slippers, flats, slip-ons, and sneakers in both traditional colours and in sparkling gold and silver. There are then roses and lotus flowers on dark pink, white, and pale blue napa leathers; and a series of bows, including black-white, pink-white, grey-white, and red-white polka dot combinations, in what is also a tribute to Minnie. Next, we find butterfly-shaped, silver, platinum and gold, and anise and white bows, as well as a ruffled bow enhanced by an exquisite flower made of silver sequined sheets placed on a pink and pale blue, anise, and red and cream backdrop….

When glam unites with tradition, the realm of elegance opens its doors.

All-around colour

Colour is the great protagonist of the extensive Gioseppo collection: expressed in thousands of themes and styles, it brightens the Spanish brand’s entire range of models.

In the girls’ world, we find an ethno-chic mood interpreting it through sandals, flats, and shoes, which are adorned with festive raffia or cotton tassels. We see it light up floral bouquets on denim uppers, sandals, and flats. It is proposed in a pastel version on romantic sandals that are decorated in tulle. Alternatively, it finds new allies with decorations like pearls on sandals and sneakers in a sporty-chic style. It shines with glitter on flats and bold urban sneakers, on lamé in urban sneakers with ruffles, while finding unusual translucent effects in more summer-oriented jelly proposals.

The Gioseppo boys’ palette is more traditional and alternated between navy and safari themes, for an adventure that never ends among canvas sneakers and active sandals, moccasins with eyelets and sandals dedicated to the beach.

Hawaiian surf

Like mother, like daughter: the iconic tennis shoe invented by the Frenchman Serge Bensimon uses the same themes of the main collection dedicated to mothers as the inspiration for his ‘girlie’ collection that is proposed in a multitude of colours and prints, thus lighting up the summer with high spirits.

The style is pleasantly retro; the chromatic palette alternates soft colours like light pink, and coral and beige, with indigo highlights – inspiring an entire line of the collection – and bright yellow. Among the prints, those with Hawaiian themes reign supreme: floral hibiscus fantasies are the most colourful, together with jungle foliage, but we also find surfboards on the beach. There are then white macro dots, essential stripes, new animalier themes, and small flowers. Ample room is made also for paisley themes that recall the Sixties. Instead, with regards to materials, next to ever-popular canvas is Sangallo lace, which is dedicated to the most romantic set.

Thus, the Bensimon proposal is perfect for interpreting with liveliness the coolest styles for the coming season, from surf pop to new boho, arriving at romantic chic.

Tommy Hilfiger
Preppy signature


The first collection since the Elisabet shoe factory acquired the Tommy Hilfiger production/distribution license for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, highlights the values of the American brand in a renewal of its preppy style.

A classic contemporary proposal is enlivened by the iconic red, white, and blue colours of the brand, with a girls’ line of models that features sneakers, flats, and sandals, which introduce a glam note through silver and platinum lamé –used also in decorations, like maxi stars on the upper of sneakers – as well as pink. The colours of the brand can also be found in maxi bands that fasten sneakers and decorate silver sandals with an urban-chic appeal. More casual is the inspiration of sandals with rope outsoles that lighten the summer season. For boys, instead, an active bold mood in red matched with classic navy blue continues to convey a great sense of style to sneakers and sandals that are perfect for wearing both in the city and at the seaside.

Tiny white steps

The first steps brand that has made well-being, naturalness, a construction that is attentive to the growing feet of children, and style its own personal mission, returns with a collection made from natural and ecologic materials, with a precise stylistic identity.

The protagonist is white, in contrast to lamè and the glitter details of bows and hearts, in a line of models made up by shoes, sneakers, and sandals designed to ensure maximum protection of the foot, while guaranteeing first steps safety. For boys, white is matched with midnight blue in decorations of great graphic impact on napa, while suede features a light blue tone lit up by monograms and green fluo details in a renewed bold style.

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