Wataru: The Philippines interpret the espadrillesWataru is a Philippine brand which produces handcrafted espadrilles

Nov 20, 2017
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slider10An interesting mix of cultures, references and inspirations give life to the collection of espadrilles by Wataru. The Philippine brand, which recently announced the birth of Wataru France, has the characteristic of producing very special handcrafted espadrilles for women, men and children.

What is immediately striking about these models is the particular design of the typical cord bottom that is able to conquer the space on the toe of the fabric upper and on the sides. A very Japanese taste, but above all a different way of interpreting espadrilles, more original and aggressive, which however does not abandon tradition: for example, that of using natural materials such as canvas or abaca – a fibre obtained from a plant typical of the Philippines.

These models have been expressly designed to be the must-have summer accessory, the shoe that has all the characteristics to be the ideal piece of our wardrobe: light, soft but also robust and breathable.


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