Vandervost focuses on shoesShoes, increasingly important for the Belgian brand

Oct 11, 2017
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vandervostDoes the future of A. F. Vandervost lie in the shoe? The Belgian brand of apparel and accessories takes a step back from prêt-à-porter, in order to redouble its efforts in the segment of footwear, a product where it is especially talented. Thus, the duo An and Filip Vandervost give free reign to their freedom of expression: “In the future, we will dedicate ourselves to what we do and love best: footwear and design without limits”, explain the two Belgian designers in a press release, while announcing the expansion of the footwear lines, which will be strongly characterized by craft workmanship, along with a capsule collection of apparel.

Before starting down its new pathway, the shoes of A. F. Vandervost were a hit at the Parisian haute couture fashion shows, especially when it came time to introduce the brand’s fabulous thigh-high boots in coloured python, with a pyramid-shaped heel, narrow toes, and an unrivalled contemporary style.

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