Usaflex out to conquer EuropeKnown and appreciated for its “well-being technology”, which has been conquering Brazilian women for the last 20 years, today the brand from Rio Grande do Sul is interested in increasing its presence on the American and European market, with a trendier product and a new line for men.

Sep 12, 2018
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A company of historical significance, founded in 1998, with eight production units in the Brazilian region of Rio Grande do Sul, over the years, Usaflex has focused on creating a strong position for itself on the domestic market, to the extent that its franchising channel is now the number one network of comfort and fashion footwear in the country, with 126 stores. Today, thanks also to its production capacity of more than 25 thousand pairs of footwear per day, the company is ready to set into motion a new and important strategy for its expansion abroad, increasing its export share from today’s 3.5% to around 20% by the end of 2019, with investments to be made especially in South America, followed by North America and Europe. The aim is that of passing from its current presence in only 30 countries worldwide to around 50 countries by the end of the year.

In light of this stronger global orientation, also the collections designed by the Brazilian brand will partially change their characteristics, with a younger and more fashionable product. Instead, the brand’s trademark of “comfort technology”, which has conquered an increasingly extensive public of women over the years, will remain unchanged. Moreover, starting this year, this technology will also be used in men’s proposals: in particular, we will find Dual Care technology, a memory foam insole with different densities in the heel area and toes, which is capable of replying to the needs of those individuals suffering from metatarsal problems. There will then be the brand’s Low Impact technology, a gel insert that guarantees maximum comfort also in models that are close to the ground like flats.

Last, but not least, the Usaflex collection will continue to propose the Care Diabetes line, characterised by an ultra-comfortable neoprene upper, antibacterial seamless lining and latex insole.

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