Uniwork: a long road, in complete safety

The brand of the Over Teak Group positions itself among the leading realities in the safety industry with innovative and quality certified products.

Nov 21, 2018
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Among the brands of reference of the Over Teak Group, Uniwork is a leading reality in the market of safety footwear, claiming a long-time tradition in the field of manufacturing footwear.

The story of Over Teak is in fact rooted in long-ago 1958, when Cosimo Vitobello, just 18 years old, opened a small workshop, where the production was entirely done by hand. Thanks to the experience gained up to that point and a good dose of ambition, it was only 1977 when the small workshop became a bona fide industry, with the launching of the “Odeon Shoes Shoe Factory”: 150 employees divided into two production sectors (injected PVC, the backbone of production, and assembled shoes), with a production already arriving at around 1,500,000 pairs of footwear per year, distributed in Italy and abroad.

In the same year (1977), in London, Cosimo Vitobello was granted, in the presence of Queen Elizabeth, the “Prix Scarpa D’oro” award as a recognition of merit for the professional commitment and spirit of industriousness and hard work with he had distinguished itself nationally and internationally.

In the wake of constant growth, and in line with changes taking place in the market, the founder felt the need in 1990 to expand and perfect the production range of assembled footwear by creating “Over Teak”, and six years later, he decided to focus on the production of safety footwear with the new “Uniwork” logo.

The mission of Uniwork was that of creating high quality products and offering efficiency, while respecting people and the environment, in order to satisfy the safety needs of people and, through them, the security of the companies where they work.

Today, as in the past, guiding the group is the Vitobello family, with founder Cosimo now flanked by his sons Matteo, Francesco, and Giuseppe, and a well-organised structure.

Since 1997, the Barletta-based company has also managed a directly owned facility in Albania, with 360 employees specialised in the cutting and stitching of the brand’s entire production line.

The annual production – between safety footwear and civil shoes – arrives at nearly 1,200,000 pairs, with the entire design process realised in-house, thanks to the use of the most modern technologies, like Cad-Cam and electronic cutting machines. Moreover, all the productive machinery is automated.

Confirming Over Teak’s commitment to personal safety and respect for the environment are also the brand’s ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 14001 environmental certification.

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