People’s Walk: the sneakers surfers loveOnly recycled or natural materials for the PEOPLE’S WALK brand

Feb 11, 2013
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Only recycled or natural materials for the PEOPLE’S WALK brand

201207_001_1599Although we know that it’s still not possible to make a really ecological shoe, there are increasing efforts to get as close as possible to this goal. The latest contender is French brand People’Swalk a brand launched in 2009 on the initiative of Christian Monderer. In reality the product is rather simple: a vulcanized sneaker made exclusively from recycled materials. The fabrics come from recycling plastic containers (PET), the soles from old motorcycle tires.

Laces and insoles are of hemp and colourants are all natural, while the small amount of adhesive used for assembly is strictly water-based. But there is a further social sense of responsibility attached to the product with the decision to earmark 1% of gains to the Surfrider Foundation Europe, set up by surfers around 20 years ago aimed at protecting and safeguarding oceans and coasts from pollution by plastic products.

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