The ‘rope revolution’ of L4K3 continuesThe new 1962 sneaker-sandal

Nov 09, 2017
Posted in: , Shoes on Stage

The Fashion Factory of Pian Camuno, located in the province of Brescia, which transformed the historic tradition of Lake Iseo expert rope-makers into an iconic element of fashion, continues down its path of innovation and creativity, presenting its new collections for the summer. For the coming 2018 summer season, next to the by now essential sneaker, the focus is on the new 1962 model: a hybrid between a sandal with ankle laces and a running shoe. A bold shoe, which is feminine and fun, and sure to win over consumers who follow the latest in viral fashion trends. The key features that are of a hallmark of the brand remain unvaried also in this model: 100% Made in Italy craft workmanship, inspired by the hand-worked hawsers typical to Lake Iseo.

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