The new Kapriol LeMans shoe launched in collaboration with MichelinA high performance work sneaker fitted with a Michelin sole, inspired by the brand’s Alpin 5 winter tire, was presented in a preview at the last edition of A+A

Oct 26, 2017
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Workers often find themselves having to work on uneven and difficult terrain or slippery surfaces. It is exactly from research into innovative solutions that offer the best possible safety at work that Morganti, an Italian firm that has been specialized for the last 90 years in the production of hand tools, work wear, and personal protective equipment under the Kapriol brand, has turned to Michelin, which has drawn upon its extensive know-how in tires to create a higher performance safety sole in partnership.

The new Kapriol LeMans is a shoe fitted with a Michelin sole and is mainly suited to indoor activities, but can in any case also be used outdoors thanks to its special features. It was conceived with the idea of offering a lightweight and comfortable product. The creation of the sole is inspired by the renowned Michelin Alpin 5 winter tire, which is particularly noted for its high safety performance, especially when it comes to breaking on slippery surfaces. The new Michelin Sportsafe sole, exclusively developed for Morganti Kapriol, is characterized by a tread with a special anti-slip design. The deep channels of the tread, inherited from the Michelin tire, make it easier for water to drain away, while also providing greater flexibility. Stability and adherence are instead ensured by solid side lugs. The compound with which the sole is realized allows for a high level of resistance to abrasion and wear-and-tear, drawbacks that can arise from the shoe coming into contact with oily materials and liquids. The resistant mesh upper contributes to conveying a sporty and dynamic look to the shoe, while overlapping TPU on the stitching and toes improves the comfort and durability. The first eyelet is made out of metal to avoid accidental breaking of the shoelaces, while a special bellows positioned on the tongue prevents dust from entering the shoe. The EVA midsole completes the features of these “work sneakers”, which, although they are inspired by the running and training world, maintain all the characteristics typical to technical safety footwear.

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